Our COVID-19 Summer Wedding

Monday July 13, 2020

Simon and I planned to have our wedding on September 19, 2020. We booked our venue and almost all of our vendors. We even sent out the invites! As time went on it seemed more and more unlikely that we would be able to have a wedding with the guest count of 200 people by the time September came around.

Being a coordinator I acted quickly to see which dates our venue had available for early next year, and which of those date my vendors were also free. Luckily all but two of our vendors had January 23rd 2021 open! I thought I would be more sad about having to postpone the wedding but I knew that waiting would make the planning all worth it, not to mention our guest would actually be able to attend, and our new date 1.23.21 was very cute!


With my sister graduating college and moving back home, and Simon's sister and brother-in-law expecting a baby therefore also moving back home it just made the most sense to get married now and move out together. Suddenly Simon and I were faced with finding a place to live, moving out and planning a wedding. Honestly, planning our June wedding was a whirlwind and I think we did it all in two weeks which was VERY stressful and I would HIGHLY NOT recommend. But through the planning process Simon kept me sane and grounded, which assured me that I had chose the right partner to spend the rest of my life with.


The most difficult part of planning a COVID-19 wedding was finding a place to have the wedding. We looked into smaller event venues but they charged so much for our guest count of 12 people or were closed. Parks and Beaches were closed and so were churches. We resorted to airbnbs only to be told multiple times that their bnb did not allow hosting events or parties. I decided to be transparent and tell them our situation and we just really needed a backyard to fit three 6ft tables in as it would be a super intimate family only, no speakers or dancing, no alcohol done by 9pm wedding. Thankfully we found a host willing to take us under the condition of booking two nights with them rather than just one.


Simon and I went to Home Depot to buy copper pipes to create our own ceremony arch which was a super fun experience. For food we hired the taco man which all our guest seemed to enjoy. And for our wedding cake we picked up a cake from Merely Sweets in down town Brea. I did all our flower arrangements and my two maid of honors (who did not walk at this ceremony) helped with the setting up on the day-of. I ordered a simple white dress off of lulus and LeeHwa Wedding (where I bought my wedding dress for the big wedding) graciously let me borrow a veil and hairpin. My photographer friend looking for more wedding photography experience offered to shoot the wedding for free. AND we won a giveaway with Golden Sun Photography (post on that to come later) for a free engagement shoot! God is so so good!


The wedding was very short and sweet and not at all a wedding I imagined myself being okay with. After all I am a wedding planner! But I think it was because I knew we would have our grand wedding in January 2021 that this was the best way to start our marriage in this current situation. 🙂

We've been married for 3 weeks now! I'll share more about what married life has been like in another blog post~